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Feature request: Last status or Joined status for Test Cases


When I am creating Test Run it would be very convenient to see last Test Results for test cases, or may be joined status of few (can be configurable) last test runs (e.g. all green, mostly green, mostly red, red) - it should help define what should be rechecked and what could be descoped if we have no enough time.
I expect such joined status be a Test Case’s column so we can filter by it and see it’s value.
In my mind this is similar to Job’s Weather in Jenkins CI (sun, thunder, …)


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for your posting and the suggestion, that sounds really useful. You can also use the Results > Comparison for Cases report on the Reports tab to generate such a view for your test cases. This includes a side-by-side view for all selected test runs by default but you can also just display the latest test (most significant) result. The report looks as follows: