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Feature request: Labels for test cases

It will be great to have “Label” field, user can label similar test cases with the same label ( Predefined or costume) and by pressing the label button\link they will see all test cases related to that label


Hi Itsik,
predefined labels can be implemented as a custom field. Afterwards you can filter for this label.
How dynamic should your custom values really be? Of course you can define the values on project level. But if you think about dynamic values like tagging, this is not available and rellay meanst a feature request. But take a look at the forum, this request already exist IMHO.


Hi Karsten,
Thank you for the information, I am hoping for dynamic values label as in Jira application (if you are familiar with the concept)


Yes, I’m familiar with tht concepts.
I’m not the biggest fan, if the team doesn’t follow a guideline. Then it’s getting a mess.
But you’re not the first, just few examples:

Ok, Understood, wont hold my breath :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Just wanted to share my personal experience on this issue. If you’re a testrail admin, you can create a custom field for “Keywords” (at least we named it keywords, you can use tags as well), and then we used a pre-defined list of keywords that we can assign to our test cases. IMO this will do the magic for your case, since you can filter your tests by the keyword afterward. The only problem is if you don’t have admin access to TestRail, since you will not be able to add new keywords on your own. Anyway here is a screenshot of how it appears in our testplan:

You can add multiple keywords to a single test and so on. I can provide you with more info if you like the idea. :slight_smile: