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[FEATURE REQUEST] Jira Users view TestRail Results without TestRail license

We like the ability to add a TestRail case from JIRA and understand the need to have a TestRail license for that. However, many people with no TestRail account would have an interest (and a need to know) about the results of runs for User stories. These people would have no interest in and no need to author tests in TestRail. What we propose is a “view only” status limited to projects linked from JIRA. For example, we have two projects in JIRA (two different applications) and two projects in TestRail with the same names, for discussion let’s call them project1 and project 2. What we propose is that anyone assigned to project1 in JIRA would be able to view TestRail results for project1 in TestRail. Anyone assigned to project2 in JIRA would be able to view TestRail results for project2. This would be limited to seeing the run results for linked JIRA issues.
That is, they would not be able to actually enter TestRail, but they would see the run results when viewing the user story in JIRA.


I would like to vote for this feature as well


Hello @patsrick1943 & @peacjen,

Thanks for reaching out! We do currently have an existing feature request for read-only test results for non TestRail users in Jira. I will add your votes to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.

I hope this helps!


Thanks. That makes me feel good.

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I would agree, having a user that can view the results would be greatly beneficial to our product and development teams.


:raised_hand: :raised_hand:


I also vote for this feature.

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Could you specify which feature request that is? We have others who would like to vote.

Sure thing, this feature request is specifically for reviewing the possibility to view test results in Jira without a TestRail account when the TestRail for Jira app is configured. Currently, users need a TestRail account to view these linked test results.

I’m adding 2 votes for @Asmo and @sprakash. Thanks everyone.

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to send people to the original feature request so they could add their votes. I suppose they could just vote here and you would still add them to the other request. Did you also add a vote for @npatel ?

I would vote for this feature too

Thanks. Tell your friends to vote also.

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I would like to vote for this feature.

Please add my Vote too…

Hi @juanpm
I’ve added yours too! :slight_smile:

Hi @andreea,

added :slight_smile:


I’ve added your vote. Thanks for reaching out!

I will also vote for this feature !!

I would like to vote for this request as well

One of my colleagues asked a great question (at least, I think so). In order for TestRail and Ranorex to work together, we use an APi key, which (as far as we can remember) anybody with the key could use. Could we have this feature incorporated in TestRail so that any one with the APi key (or better, using the same principle: anyone seeing the Jira user story) could retrieve the information form TestRail?
Just saying, this might point to the solution for this. If it is something the Admin must do, please contact me separately and I can figure out who would need to see it. I am not an Admin in either Jira or TestRail.