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Feature Request: Jira TestRail Plugin should allow TestRail server customization per JIRA project


Our company has 3 TestRail servers, owned by different departments in separate geographic locations.

However, our JIRA servers are centralized. Now we have a situation that the same JIRA server has projects that should be integrated with different TestRail servers.

That option is not possible as of now, since only on TestRail server is allowed in the global configuration for the Plugin.

Gurock, please consider this feature request.



Hi Márcio,

Thanks for your posting. The other way round is already possible and you can integrate a single TestRail instance with multiple, different JIRA instances but we are happy to look into supporting this with the JIRA add-on as well, thanks for your feedback!



Hi we are also looking for this Feature…


Hi Paw,

Thanks for your feedback on this, that’s appreciated!



Hi Tobias,

We’re also interested in this Feature…

We’re at the point now of setting up our TestRail servers and instead of having 3 separate TestRail instances for each of our very different teams (our original plan) - we’re going to have to share 1 TestRail instance. This is going to be a little confusing (single Dashboard) and cumbersome (JIRA integration customizations will have to be done at the Project level rather than Site level).

Thanks for considering this Feature or suggesting any other workarounds I’m not considering…