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Feature request. Jira plugin for TR populate hidden fields for search by JQL

Hello everyone!
We use TestRail with Jira and noticed that there is no way to search Jira issues linked to TestRail.

Reason why - plugin doesn’t fill issue fields inside Jira database. You can check fields by Jira API like http://[jira instance]/rest/api/2/issue/[JIRA Issue]/
Suggestion - It will be awesome if TestRail plugin for Jira create hidden fields (for example, like many other plugins for Jira) and synchronize them with TestRail, so users can search Jira issues by different TestRail link types like “All results”, “For Tests”, “For Cases”, “For Runs” with addition filter by status.


Thank you for reaching out! We do have this as a feature request. Currently, the data is presented via iframes when using the TestRail for Jira app so know data is actually stored in Jira to query via JQL. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally.