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Feature request: JIRA plugin for 2-way links


I’ve used TestRail for a while now and I like it for it simple UI and great speed. One feature that is missing for our teams is that it only allows pushing defects to JIRA and displaying these defect in TestRail, but you don’t see this info in JIRA. Competition (QMetry integration is one of the prettiest) is getting ahead of you guys and implementing additional plugins for JIRA that allows creating a Remote Links within JIRA and additionally syncing at predefined time periods.
It would be great to be able to see test case link with it execution status against a defect or story within JIRA.


Would also appreciate that feature.

As a workaround you could create a new field in your bug ticket named “Test Case(s)” and put the link to the test case.



Thanks for the feedback. You can already push bug reports from TestRail to JIRA and you would also already be able to look up the status of any linked JIRA issues from within TestRail. TestRail would also already include a link to the test in any pushed bug report so the JIRA issues would include this as well already. The link is currently displayed as part of the Description field in JIRA, not in the Issue Links section. If this is critical for you then you would also be able to adjust the push integration to add the entry as an issue link, but it would just be displayed slightly differently in JIRA compared to the current way.

That said, we actually have some plans to work on the JIRA integration this year and add more integration options. I don’t have a time frame yet but I believe this will work much better than most existing tools, as we will actual work on a system that works well with any JIRA edition and this will provide a deeper integration than other tools when/if we have this available. We also have teams migrating from tools such as Qmetry to TestRail regularly and you can review the existing JIRA integration here in our training video:

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it’s appreciated and we will discuss this as part of our feature planning.

– Dennis


Great to hear that a enhanced JIRA/ Testrail integration is planed for 2015. We create test cases for JIRA user stories and therefore it would be best to have a simple way to link stories with testcases in the same way as bugs (found in testcases) to testrail.


Thanks for the additional feedback! You can already link JIRA issues to test cases via the References field:



Since our environment includes JIRA I’m looking forward to this upcoming feature as well. This may already be planned, but I would suggest some dashboard gadgets as part of this plugin. I’ve written a couple of stand-alone gadgets for some implementations I’ve used, and perhaps something similar has been thought of.

I have one that will display the results for all of the active test plans and test runs in a project. It combines some of the data displayed on the Test Runs & Results page in the Detail and Compact views.

In my implementation the value of the project is hardcoded, but it would be nice to have an Edit link and be able to choose that from a list of TestRail projects.

The other gadget displays the testing status for a particular test plan or run.

Again, my implementation uses hardcoded values, but choosing the project, and the specific test plan or test run would be good options. This type of gadget would probably be good for showing all of the results for a particular milestone as well.

Overall, both gadgets used hardcoded values for the TestRail URL and the credentials for the API calls, so those would probably be good options at the Administrator level for the plugin.

Again, these were just suggestions for possible gadgets to be included in the plugin.



Thanks, Don, this looks really useful. It’s planned to look into extending the JIRA integration with one of the next versions (now that the 4.1 is out). The scope of the advanced integration is not yet clear, but it’s definitely planned to improve the integration, e.g. by making it easier to see the connection between issues in JIRA and tests and cases in TestRail.



Is there an updated timeframe for when this 2-way integration might be available? The ability to link the test cases from Jira into TestRail is an important piece that we would like to see for our implementation



Thanks for your posting. We actually started working on a tighter JIRA integration a while ago and the progress has been very good. We currently don’t have an estimate for this feature unfortunately but we are already happy with the results and welcome any additional feedback and feature requests.




The 5.x release of TestRail doesn’t seem to include any JIRA Gadget, similar to the one @donalaya has provided as JPG file. Do you have any plan to provide similar Gadget, or a way to vote for such feature? Strangely, that was one of the first questions some developers asked me when I talked about TestRail to them, they seem to like to have their own gadget in JIRA.




Hi Pierre!

Thanks for your posting. The new TestRail add-on integrates directly with the project overview page as well as the issues:

You can view reports similar to what Don suggested on the project page and the add-on adds a “TestRail” menu entry. This report shows a quick overview of TestRail projects/milestones/plans/runs. As far as we know, it’s no longer recommended by Atlassian (JIRA vendor) to develop (new) JIRA gadgets as this system might change in the future.



The gadget code mentioned above has been released open source (See JIRA gadgets for TestRail for more info). The gadgets have been rewritten from scratch from the earlier version, and all of them use the Google chart API.



Thanks again :slightly_smiling: