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Feature Request: JIRA Plug-in: Have a side by side view of "projects limited"


To Whom It May Concern,

In the JIRA Plug-In, there is a multi-select box: “Limit to Projects”, where the JIRA admin selects which project to “add”, “edit”, “remove” the relationship of TestRail to JIRA.

It would be easier if there were two Multi-Select boxes next to each other where:

Left Multi-select box: Right Multi-select box:
Available Projects >> << Added Projects

This would alleviate mistakes made by the admin, with the current plug-in configuration.

If the admin forgets to select “CTRL” key first (before selecting “click”) then all selected projects would loose selection and only the selection which was clicked, would now be the only project selected.

see image attached.

please feel free to contact me with questions.