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Feature request: Include sub-section in test suite path



I am currently reviewing the test suites that we have been creating for the last 2 weeks, where I go in a test case and want to go back to see what are the other test cases under the same sub-section. Currently, on the top of the page, there is a path, that I can click on as a shortcut (e.g Dashboard » Project A » Test Suites & Cases » Test Suite A » Test Case B), but the path does not include the sub-section under which Test Case B is found. So I have to click on Test Suite A link and then click on the subsection from the test suite directory on the bottom right corner. Too much clicking around, especially when I have to keep doing that every few minutes! :slight_smile: Please try to add the sub-section(s) to the path.



Hello Phil,

Thanks for your posting and the suggestion. There’s already a link in the sidebar on the right which points to the section of a test case. By clicking the link, you jump directly to the section of the test case. Another option we often recommend is to open test cases in a separate browser tab so that you do not lose your current scroll position for the test suite and don’t need to switch between the test suite and test cases. That said, we will also consider adding the section(s) to the breadcrumb/shortcut list.

I hope this helps,


Thanks as usual for the fast response!