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Feature Request > Include All Tests from Test Suite in Test Run Matching Milestone/Section


Hi guys,

I noticed this has been brought up before and the response from you has been encouraging. I just wonder is there any plans to implement this in the near future. Let me explain what I mean.

Currently, as far as I can see, the only way for a Test Run to automatically update with new tests added to a Test Suite is to have the Test Run marked to Include All. The problem with this is that sometimes, we have different releases for the same product as subsections in a suite


In the example above, we would have a Test Run planned for WebCode 1.1. Setting up that that Run is easy enough by manually selecting the section like below


The problem arises though if I need to add a test to the Test Suite at any later point. I then have to remember to manually add it to the Test Run as it won’t update. e.g in the below image, I added 2 new test to the Test Suite after I created the Test Run but they don’t get added to the Test Run. It’s very easy to forget to add them

There’s also a nifty way of filtering tests using the Milestone (e.g. setting all tests in the section to have a miletsone and filter the tests in the Test Run accordingly)

But again, if I add another test to the suite, even with the milestone added to the test, it doesn’t update in the Test Run

Is there any plans to expand the idea of Test Cases automatically including themselves in Test Runs based on the Suite section they are in or the milestone they have? Thanks for reading.