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Feature Request: Improved Test Suite Outline View


Currently, the test suite view can be toggled between All Sections/All Cases, and One Section viewing at a time. It would be very helpful, when dealing with larger test suites with multitudes of sub-sections and test cases, to be able to expand/collapse sections in the main view similarly to how their folder structure view can be.

Allowing all sub-sections and test cases beneath the selected session to be seen when using One Section at a Time viewing, would be a useful intermediary step toward the above.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve added this to our feature request list and will consider this for a future update. We do plan a few enhancements for the section navigation on the suite, run and todo pages.



Was this ever implemented?


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, this was added with TR 4.0 and TestRail now supports three view modes:

You can switch between the modes in the sidebar on the right.