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[Feature Request] Improved editing possibilities for tc's editing and creation

Please improve it as soon as possible. It’s should be quick and easy fix. It’s also USABILITY fix.

  1. Request: Expand input field to match fully text provided before.
    Steps to Reproduce: Create a new TC (templates: text or steps) > Provide a lot of text (Copy and Paste)>
    Actual Result: Do not expand field automatically
    Expected Result: Expand field automatically to match all text, so it’s easy and useful to edit and to read!
    NOTE: Also fix it when you have saved tc and edit it again it should be automatically expaneded to fit the text fully.

  2. Request: Enhanced editing options for the TC’s. Make a section for editing options and to make platform more customizable for each professional. Add it to the user settings

Add Checkboxes for different features for better experience.

For example:
* Possibility to copy test steps with text inputted for the copied test step;
* Suggestion words for better performance and experience.

  1. Request: Switching between templates (text and steps) will not copy data to switched template, but it’s remember what is added there. It’s not make sense for at least our project and would be good to have option to change it. So if my switching to different type of template to copy data to switched type of template.

Thanks for your time and attention.