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[Feature Request] Improve Override feature, so customers do not loose it's data

It’s enough annoying issue and data loose issue. Why is it matter?

  1. After year experience, still appears, so cause data loose on our team.

Steps to Reproduce: A lot of test cases opened on the new tabs, and a lot of them editable on the same time.

Point of wrong intuitive behavior: Editable test case is opened for copying options but the latest changes will be applied only for that you are currently working.

Attention Actual Result: You are adding checkbox to override changes, but it’s not selected. If you press save without checking it, you will loose all data!

Expected Result here: Select checkbox by default to override changes, because currently it’s still did not prevent data loose.

Give me to know if my point is clear.

At least please give an option for the user settings to override this feature to work as we want for our project, so we do not loose our data!

Thanks for your attention.