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Feature Request - Importing Test cases directly with Excel/CSV files


Hi Dennis,

Importing test cases only with XML format is very tough job. Converting our excel/csv files to XML is really a challenge. Can you please introduce a new feature which accepts Excel/CSV files for importing test cases. This might be very useful to all TestRail users.

Please think about it once & act accordingly.

Sathish Kanigiri


I’d like to support this request.
We have a very custom excel template that our “non-QA employees” can understand and handle.
I convert this to CSV, and then with a custom script to XML (with all the custom fields that we configured to TestRail).

Other tools offer an Excel-Import with sort a sort of “mapping wiazard” - which lets you map excel columns to TestTool fields.
Yes, it becomes tricky when you are handling test cases, test steps, or something like test case chains (sections in TestRail). But it’s possible (sweet solution: e.g. a help column in the excel file marking TestCases (TC), TestSteps (TS) etc.


Okay… Apart from this… i have a Question…

How can we convert an Excel/CSV to XML… Of course, i found this info in help docs… but i didn’t understand clearly…

How to execute PHP script in Windows?

How can i arrange column of excel?

Sathish Kanigiri


Hello Sathish,

Thanks for your posting. It’s possible to import CSV / Excel files by converting the files to TestRail’s simple XML import file format. We have a conversion script for this available on our website here:

It’s usually needed to customize the script’s filter routine to adjust it to your particular CSV / Excel file layout (as different teams use different columns/rows for the data). The above mentioned page as well as the download contains examples for this. After converting the test cases you can import them on the test suite page.

If you don’t have experience with PHP or programming in general, do you have a colleague who could help with the required customizations?