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Feature Request: Ignore Weekends Configuration


It would be a great feature if, in reports, overview charts, and progress/forecasts, we could ignore weekends. While I admire you guys’ work ethic, my wife would kill me if I was testing on a Saturday!



Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your posting :slight_smile: Estimates and elapsed values already work with a 5 day work week (so, 1w = 5d) and the forecasts/progress algorithm also takes this into account (automatically based on the velocity). The charts (e.g. activity) don’t exclude weekends but teams around the world have weekends on different days and the line charts simply include all N days (depending on the time frame you look at).



I completly agree with this, it could be a configuration setting that you can enable/disable deppending on wether or not you have a distributed team.


Hi Sebastian,

The reports/forecast already take into this account based on the algorithm and velocity but we are happy to look into making this configurable and this would have some additional benefits (for example, a projected completion date wouldn’t fall on a weekend).




I would also like to see a configuration parameter that allows for ignoring weekends. The progress/forecasts that I am seeing definitely are using weekends in the calculation. Example. Here’s my project progress/forecasts.

Today is Monday 10/16/2017,

This test run was started 4 days ago (10/12/2017).

Completed: 14% (29/196)
Elapsed: 17h 58m
Tests / day: 7
Hours / day: 3


This would be good, my excel chart has the ‘Progress’ line predicting no progress on weekends and holidays (national/personal)