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Feature request: Identify which milestone TODOs belong to


It would be advantageous to clearly see from the TODO page what tests belong to which milestones. The test manager may be planning several releases and may have the same test resource (people) for each set of release testing. The test manager wants to assign tests for each release (milestone). The actual tester will see several tasks in their TODO list but should only be actioning the current release (milestone). It is not clear to the tester which tasks they should be doing.

An alternative approach may be to provide the facility to plan the tests / milestones, assigning who will perform the tests but for those assignments to be on hold until the testing begins, adding a feature to enable a milestone.

This issue arrises in my team because we are testing releases which occur rapidly. The test manager needs to plan the next release testing during the current set of tests but this has the potential to confuse testers by adding todo items that they should not yet be performing.



Ah! I see this is an option in “Group By” drop down on the right of the interface. That is exactly what I asked for but leads me to ask for more…

It would be advantageous to be able to filter by milestone, date, etc. I can see this being dangerous as it may hide activity from users so such filters may benefit from an indication in the interface that such a filter is applied, e.g. bold red text in the todo list indicating more tasks are filtered out. Also, this filter would be separate to the current filter on user which would allow one to filter by user and milestone.

The Group By date options seem to group by the date the test run was created. It may be advantageous to be able to assign a target date for a run then group by that.



Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, you can use the grouping option to group the test runs by milestone on the Todo page. Grouping by date always uses the creation date currently and we recommend using milestones to manage target/due dates. Milestones are already sorted by their due date, if available, and you could add the due date to the milestone name to make this even clearer if you prefer this.