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Feature request: Have the estimated and elapsed times use 24 hour days


When you enter time in the estimated or elapsed time fields it automatically gets converted to a “better” representation of that time. For example, if you enter “90 m” and save the test case or result then the time will be converted to “1 hour 30 minutes”. But, if you enter a time greater than 8 hours it uses “1 day = 8 hours” for its conversion, so “12 h” is coverted to “1 day 4 hours”. I understand it’s a “work day” or “developer day” conversion, but would it be possible to make this configurable so that we could use a “1 day = 24 hours” conversion instead?



Hi Don!

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not possible to customize this but we’ve got this request before and it’s planned to look into this for a future version. I’m happy to add another vote to this feature request. TestRail currently always uses work days (8 hours) and work weeks (5 days) if the estimate goes beyond 8 hours.



I would like to vote for this feature as well. My team often runs automation tests that run for 48 hours or more and it makes the estimates and forecasting features useless.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for your feedback! We still plan to look into this, and I’ve added your vote to this request as well.



I would like to vote for this feature as well. We have stability\stress test cases which runs overnight, etc and 8h day makes no sense for us.


I’d like to vote on this feature - well for it to be customisable at least. Ideally per test type.
For manual tests I estimate on 6hr days (7hr work day, -1hr for people doing emails etc)
For automated tests then 24hrs is better


Thanks Jen & Sergei - I’ve added both of your votes to the feature request.



When will this feature be implemented?
And please detail this issue in the Description for the elapsed field on the api page