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Feature Request: Give Test Case History more of a diff-like appearance


Surprised I couldn’t find a topic already posted for this but:

Is it currently possible or would it be possible to give test case history more of a diff-like appearance?

As it is now, it seems like there is no differentiation between updates in history. Therefore, given a test with 11 lengthy steps, it isn’t readily obvious if only one word was changed in the last update of a test case.

I’m looking for something as simple as new text getting highlighted, or only showing the lines that were added/removed/changed.

We’re currently using running version

Sorry if there’s already a workaround or post for this. Thanks.



Thanks for your posting. Diffs are currently not available but this is already on our todo/feature request list. Most fields only have one value (e.g. Priority, Type or other single-value fields), so seeing the difference between two test case versions is obvious. I understand that it isn’t so easy to spot differences between two long texts or step lists though and it’s already planned to make this easier (e.g. via a diff as you mentioned).

Thanks again,


Is there an update on this request? When working in a 30+ person QA department, a diff styled edit history would allow for a much faster workflow for both managers and analysts.


I would like to see this feature included soon. Something like track changes or the history diffs in Confluence would be awesome.


Hi there!

We currently don’t have an update on this but it’s still planned to look into this. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:



Please add it. Checking differences is now a major pain.


Thanks for your feedback, Pawel! Yes, we would like to look into this as well and it’s still on our list.



Any update on this?

Even a workaround on how to get at the raw data would be appreciated so I could pull the before/after text into my favorite difference tool (which is “Beyond Compare”, and I receive no financial compensation for making this statement).