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Feature request: Generate a bunch of sub-results for each group


Hi there,

In most of our projects we’re using Groups/Sections to focus on specific parts of our software, such as: welcome page, settings page, inbox view, performance, etc.

Unfortunately, at the end of a test run it’s not possible to gather the results of each group separately, you only get a pie chart for the entire test run only.
Actually, this would be a very helpful feature for us in order to know which part(s) need(s) to be retested, get more manpower, further maintenance, etc.

Will that feature be available in a next release?




Thanks for your posting. While this is currently not on our short term list of features to add, this could be implemented with a custom report in the meantime:

If you use the download version of TestRail (which I believe you do), you can directly access the database for those reports and generate statistics based on sections/groups. You can reuse the look & feel of TestRail and even integrate those reports directly into TestRail’s UI (via UI scripts).

We are happy to help in case you have any questions, of course. I hope this helps.




I didn’t know you could have direct access to the database indeed.
I’ll try to sort this out with my colleague although I hope that this feature will be implemented one day, that would be so much easier.

Thanks for the daily hint and your quick answer!