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Feature request for help manual in TestRail server version


We are the TestRail Server users. Usually, we deployed the new TestRail version after 1~2 months later after you released the new version.

Currently, the help link in the TestRail Server version is also pointed to online help guide and it is always following the latest version of TestRail. Sometimes, we need to explain to our users about why some functions is in the help guide, but we still cannot use it right now.

Please help to release the off-line manual for specified server version to avoid the confusing.

Jeffrey Zhang

Hi Jeffrey,

Thanks for reaching out! We don’t currently have archived versions of the documentation based on release version, but this may be something we explore in the future. To see older versions of the documentation you can use tools like the Internet Archive to see older versions of the site without the current updates, but we would not be able to change the help link within your instance to point to a specific version of that site. You can find those older versions here:*/

For now, I’ve added a features request to see if we can include this as a PDF that would be included in the install for TestRail Server edition, which would have the docs as they were with the release of that specific version.