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Feature Request: Find & Replace text for testcases


Is there any update on this?

I routinely write new test cases for a particular subset of a new feature, copy these cases and then tweak a word/phrase accordingly for other subsets of the same feature. This is much quicker than writing the same core test from scratch repeatedly for each subset of the new feature, but I often have to manually enter edit mode in each individual test case, as bulk edit isn’t always applicable. That’s very time-consuming when I only need to find and replace a single phrase within a number of selected test cases.

Please add my vote for this request


Not saying this is the end solution, but a workaround.

Export your test suite to a Testrail XML file. Open up in your favorite XML text editor, do your global search & replace. Then import the XML back. Unlike CSV, if the test case IDs are there on import, it will update with the changes.



Hi Ollie, Brian,

Thanks for your feedback. A find & replace is still something that’s on our (longer-term) list of things to look into. For large updates, we can recommend the XML update process. Otherwise we would recommend doing this in TestRail and opening cases in new tabs (and then closing the tab again) usually saves a few clicks.



+1 for this feature. We are going with the export and re-import option for now.

This would be helpful as we are trying to tidy up regression case titles in batches after the import to test rail.


+1 for this feature, it would be very helpful!


Thank you both for your feedback!



+1 vote for this feature as well, it can use this right now.


Thanks for your feedback, Brian!



please add one more vote on this. Is crazy but i am still using excel which have no add cost and i can replace the words i want filtered by the test cases i need to change. What is stopping my organization to change is this feature. I usually need to change single word-chains of a lot of differents test cases at the same time.


Hi Marc,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to look into this and I’ve added your vote to the feature request as well.



I too would love to have this feature.
It would be a huge time saver. Not only for tweaking existing cases according to changes made in the product, but also when duplicating cases between products that have similar features.


Hi Bushaaya,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote the feature request as well. Please also note that if you’re duplicating test cases to a different project, you could always export the test cases via XML/CSV and do a find & replace with any text editor or using Excel, and then re-import the file to the new project after making the necessary changes. Hope this helps!



+1 for this feature, it would be very helpful!


Hi Lokesh,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote to the request :slight_smile:



+1 for this feature as well. This would save me so much time!


Hi Ken,

I’ve added your vote as well!




we need the feature find &replace a lot of text because of different changes. it would be great to have this possibility for editing testcases, sections and suites without exporting and importing the whole testsuite.

It would also be great to have a validation of the inserted text while editing a testcase respectively while displaying a testcase to avoid wrong text.



Hi Petra,

Thanks for providing your feedback! I’ve added your vote and feedback to this request. You can also look into doing a find and replace using the XML export/import feature (as you would be able to update existing test cases with the XML import feature). While it’s a bit more difficult to work with, it can still work in some use cases if you have experience working with Excel. Hope this helps!



Is there any update on this?

I maintain test cases across several scrum boards, but all on a single project
I sometimes would like to bulk edit a title text “aaaaa” changing it to “bbbbbb”

I worry about the potential fallout of using export/import to do this.

Please add my vote to this.



Thanks for your vote! I’ve add this and your feedback to the feature request. We still have plans to look into solutions for this, but no timeframe/ETA just yet.