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Feature Request - Filtering to help narrow down tests in TestRuns


As a QA manager, after I create a testplan and add the various testsuites to the testplan, I have to figure out who is going to test.

so my test suite might be for some feature-X and contain both manual and automated tests or might have tests with custom fields like component-1, component-2…

Even though the test suite might be nice organized in sections/sub-sections, when the test suite is pulled into the testrun, it becomes just one big pile of tests.

It becomes very tedious to figure out how to bulk-assign tests to some engineers because there is no way to filters the tests in the testrun. If I could say show only manual tests or show only tests with component=1, then I can use the ‘assign to’ button to assign the tests in the testrun to some engineers.

Having this feature would be of great help. Any chance this can be in the next release? Do you have a list of things you guys are working on for the next release?



Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. Filtering for test runs is planned but it probably won’t be included in the next release unfortunately. The next release will focus on improved reporting (the most often requested feature) and will add a new Reports tab next to Test Suites & Cases. We currently work on the general reporting engine (with background execution, scheduling, nice support for custom reports etc.) and also on the actual report implementations.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Do we have any update on this feature request?



Hello Bhumika,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, filtering was added with TestRail 4.0 last year (this thread is quite old) and you can find an overview here:

I hope this helps!