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Feature Request: Filter Testcases when Choosing them for Testruns


Perhaps there is a better way of doing this that I am not aware of, but here’s the issue.

Folks where I work have created a testrun that has a multitude of configurations, and all those configurations when fully-matrix’d out end up with about 200 different “test runs”. In each of those test runs they only want to run a handful of testcases.

The test suite that we use is broken down into three areas, but each area has over 2000 testcases.

So here’s what folks want to do, they want to filter the testcases on the LEFT side of the “add testcases to configuration” screen down to a select number of cases (lets say, 100 of the 2000 available) and then choose from those. right now, it shows all 2000 and they have to figure out what testcases to add from that. they can use the right side filter but that will always select all 100 and then they need to deselect from there.

basically, it would be really helpful if you could filter the testcase list like you can under the “Testsuites and Cases” tab (Sort: None; Filter: None) when you go to choose the testcases to add to a run.

Hopefully that is understandable, I can upload images and stuff if clarification is needed. And feel free to suggest alternatives. We may use the API to create our own custom page for this selection process as well; though that requires quite a bit more work on our end so we are hoping that there is some solution build in.




Thanks for your posting. Could you provide a few more details on this? You can use the filter on the right on the Select Cases dialog to automatically select test cases based on the test case attributes (works very similar to the filter on the test run page). You can customize the test case selection per test run/configuration or for all test runs/configurations in a group.



I’ll send it via the support channel so I can include screenshots which may make my request a bit clearer.


Thanks, Jim. We will make sure to review this and get back to you via email then.