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Feature Request: Export to Excel should report the entire path


When I export either a repository / suite or a run to Excel, I end up with a spreadsheet that contains a Section column (the section that the test is directly in) and a Section Depth column (for sections that are nested). I can’t imagine how that second column would be useful except to say, if the number is higher than 1, then the value in the Section column is not that useful.

Can we please change this such that the value in the Section column is constructed based on the entire path to the test case (we can then do without the Section Depth column).


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your posting! The Section Depth column can be used to build the full section tree and this is a more compact way to store the section hierarchy. If the depth increases, the section is a child of the previous section. If it decreases, the parent switches to a previous parent (with the section depth - 1). We are happy to look into providing an additional column with the full section path per case and I just added it to our feature request list, thanks for the suggestion!



Hi Tobias,

I just spent 30 minutes trying to find some sensible set of formulas in Excel that would use the Section Depth column to construct the full path. On the face of it, it sounds like a reasonable approach; in practice it seems not.

If you have some Excel formulas or a strategy that would work, I would appreciate your sharing them. Otherwise, please increase the priority of providing this information in the export.


Hello Martin,

Thanks for the update and feedback. We currently don’t have a ready to use script for this unfortunately but we will definitely make sure to look into adding a separate column to the export.