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Feature Request: Expand/Collapse Sections for Test Suites & Cases


We have a Suite wich contains very much Sections, Subsections and Cases. We have to scroll down everytime after adding/editing a Case. On slow Machines (e.g. Linux without HW-Accelerated Graphiccard) its very time-consuming. A nice solution would be an Expand/Collapse feature for each Section. If possible, Testrail should store the actual state of each Section. I think this would be a nice and usefull Feature.

~ T. Schumacher (Datameer)

PS: Sorry for my bad english, if it helps i could explain it in German :slight_smile:

Feature Request: Simplify the removing of old reports, i.e. delete multiple reports

This is something I came here to request too :slight_smile:

Someone has already beaten me to it!


Hello you two,

Thanks for reporting this. That’s already on our feature request list and I’m sure we will improve this situation in a future version. There are two things in the current version to make this a bit more convenient:

  1. You can jump to specific sections and subsections in the sidebar on the right of a suite, so that you don’t need to scroll heavily every time you add a new test case to a section that is at the end of the page.

  2. You can use the inline add case functionality (Add Test Case under the sections) to generate an outline for the test suite first and then fill the actual test cases after this. To do so, I would suggest keeping the test suite open and open the individual test cases in a new browser window/tab (one after another). Implementing an outline for a test suite first also has the advantage that you get a good feeling for the complexity of your test suite and if you should maybe split it into multiple test suites.

We generally recommend using 300-400 test cases for a single test suite at max, so that the test suite keeps manageable from a user perspective (and also to ensure a good performance).

Thanks again,

Feature Request: Simplify the removing of old reports, i.e. delete multiple reports

Has any progress been made on this request - I would very much like to see some jscript accordion action going on in the test suite listing!



Thanks for your posting. Yes, we’ve made progress on this but we currently only have a few design mockups for a larger redesign of the test suite/run pages and this also includes Expand/Collapse for sections, among other features. Now that TestRail 2.7 has been released this week, it is planned to look into it for one of the next versions.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions or feedback.




I just want to bump this as I’m also very interested in a quick way to expand/collapse sections. Now that I’ve loaded my test sections in, I’m finding navigation quite painful and difficult. It could really do with some usability improvements in this area.

Just to add 3 further requests:

  1. The right hand panel that contains the Test Section navigator really needs to be adjustable in width. Some of my sections are several indents deep and it becomes difficult, no, impossible, to read the name of the section :frowning:

  2. It would be nice of there was an option to default the section navigator to collapse all rather than expand all on entry to the Suite. It’s much easier to find what you want starting from a collapsed view rather than an expanded view.

  3. When moving sections using the navigator, the sections all expand. This makes moving sections quite difficult. It would be nice after moving the navigator could remember its expand/collapse position.



Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your feedback. A redesign of the test suite and run pages is planned and sections and a better tree/usability will be main focus of this, so your feedback is greatly appreciated. We would like to start working on this after the upcoming version was released (TestRail 3.0).



That’s great news. Thanks for the update.


Hi there,

Any further update on this one?

I have a suite with 498 sections and it is very difficult to work with but cannot be broken down in separate suites. It is especially frustrating because of the way sections auto-expand-all every time you move one.

Thanks :),


Hello Rachael,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, we have an update. We’ve recently started working on a redesign of the run/suite and todo pages with a focus on improving the tree navigation/usability and other things (e.g., mass-edit). I don’t have any estimate for a release at this point but this is an important area for us.



has any progress been made on this request, how is the status?



Hi Horst,

For large case repositories, we recommend using the single-section (or subsection) view modes and this is comparable to how Windows Explorer or Mac Finder would show files/folders on disk:

You can also expand/collapse sections in the sidebar. While this only applies to the sidebar, TestRail remembers and restores this across page loads and it allows you to navigate quickly even through very large case repository (ideally combined with the single-section/subsection view modes).

I hope this helps!