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[Feature Request] Enhanced filtering to include/exclude parameters

When creating a test run, I often need to include a set of filters, then modify the selection to exclude some test cases. I would like the ability to do both in the same filter so that I can use the new Dynamic Filtering option to create test runs.

For example, I want to create a test run that includes just critical/high priority test cases, exclude any that have been automated, and exclude any that require elevated access. Right now I need to select by filter that includes all automation statuses aside from “Automated”, include just Critical/High Priority test cases, save the selection, then go back in and modify to de-select any that require elevated access. This is fine for regular test runs, but I can’t do that for the new Dynamic Filtering.

My work around was to add an option for “does not need elevated status” so I can include each of those settings in one filter, but getting everyone to remember to add that option for every new test case hasn’t been successful and I was missing test cases without realizing it.

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This would be super helpful. I use multi-select fields to label test cases as automated and/or manual, along with other combinations of tags, and use dynamic filters to maintain a regression suite of tests, but the filtering is lacking.