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Feature Request: Email notification of test run results


At the moment, we are using an automated test system for some of our projects in Testrail.

We have coded our own solution to getting an email summarising the results from an automated testrun. It’s quite basic, but this functionality is essential and missing natively.
See screenshot:

However this requires maintainence on our automated test server that we can no longer do, and we will lose this functionality.

Having a summary of a testrun emailed to a designated group of stakeholders is really important. Are there any plans to introduce such a email notification in future releases soon?



Thanks for your posting. Yes, improved reporting is planned and this would also fall in this category (e.g. scheduled offline reports via emails). That said, you can already generate such reports yourself without direct access to the TestRail server or database for this. You can simply use TestRail’s API to get a list of test runs for a project including statistics (passed/blocked/failed counts etc.). Have you already looked into using the API for this?

Thanks again and I look forward to your reply.