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Feature Request: Editable test suite descriptions within a test plan


It would be useful if when adding a test suite to a test plan, I could add or edit a description for that test suite. The test plan itself has a description field, and it would be nice to extend that to the test suite level within the test plan as well.

If this is already available and is simply inherited from the test suite itself, it would be nice to be able to edit it just for the test plan instance of that test suite.



Hi David,

Thanks for your posting! This was added with TR 5.2 and you can now also set the description for test runs & configurations in test plans.



Great, thanks Tobias! We are in the process of upgrading.


You are welcome, David. Please let me know in case any questions come up, happy to help. You can also find the documentation on how to upgrade here:



Awesome, thanks Tobias :slight_smile:

Will keep an eye out for this feature.


You are welcome, David :slight_smile: