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Feature Request: Easily view previously logged defects during test run


When preparing to execute a test case there is no easy way to see previously logged defects.

Currently in a test run if you select a test case in full screen (where you can View/Edit Case, Add Result, Add Comment, etc.), if you want to quickly review previous defects logged you have to VIEW CASE, then select the Defects tab. You have now left Test Case Execution and must use the browser back button to return to the test case. This can be confusing.

Recommend adding a VIEW DEFECTS under Add Result and Add Comment, that brings up a pop-up for review of the previously logged defects.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your post! You can actually already do this directly from the test without having to click ‘View Case’ as there’s a Defect tab included on the test view page itself (towards the bottom of the test page next to the ‘Results & Comments’ tab) which would include Defects of previous test runs/results as well. There are also a couple other tabs here as well that can provide some additional details and context from previous test runs. When viewing the defects from the Defects tab of the test, you can click on the test ID to quickly jump to this and see any additional details if needed, as well as the test run the test belonged to. Hope this helps!