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Feature request : Duplicate test suite with case link reference update


This request is related to the following request :

I would like to duplicate a test suite and update all the test case references.

Here is an example:

I have 200 test cases from C15 to C356 (because some cases were created and deleted so it is not a continuous list, etc.). In the test case C245, I added a test case reference to C156 so I won’t need to copy/paste the content of the “template” test case all the time. I then create multiple test cases all referencing that same C156 template test case. I also create new test cases referencing other templates (ex. C270 references C17 and C271 references C31, etc.).

The problem comes when I try to duplicate my test suite (because I want to import it later, or just because I want to work with 2 suites, etc.).

To be able to duplicate it, I select all test cases in my original test suite, and I do a XML export. I then create a new test suite and I do an XML import selecting all test cases. When I open the test cases in my new test suite, all the test cases are referencing the test cases in the original suite instead of the duplicated one. It would be good to be able to have a duplicate test suite functionality with an “update test case references” option. The system knows the architecture of the original test suite so it would be able to update the references in the duplicate suite.

Maybe I did not explain my point clear enough, if so tell me. :slight_smile:



Hello Louis,

Sure, I understand the problem you are describing. TestRail should basically try to resolve “local” test case references (where “local” would mean test cases that are part of the same import or copy operation) and update the references accordingly when the new test cases are created. I agree that this would be useful and I’ve added it as a feature request so we can consider this for a future update.