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Feature Request: Duplicate Test Case


When I’m building test cases, there are times where the details of several cases in a row vary only slightly. In these situations, it would be handy if I could make a base case, quickly copy it n times, then change each copy accordingly.

Earlier today, I had to copy a subsection to a dummy test suite and then move it back into its original test suite in order to get this done somewhat effective.

Even having the Move/Copy functionality allow you to select the current Test Suite would be an improvement.

Hope this makes sense.


ps. really enjoy the application. My company just purchased it and I’m looking forward to migrating our existing “Test Suite” from a google docs spreadsheet…



You can copy/duplicate test cases via drag&drop and holding the Shift key. To drag&drop cases, just drag the small handle/grip icon next to a case. If you also hold the Shift key while dragging, you are duplicating a case instead of moving it.

I know that this is not a feature that is easy to discover and we need to improve this, but we are not yet sure how to do this without irritating/confusing users.

Great to hear that you enjoy using TestRail so far! Let me know in case there’s anything else we can help with.



Putting it in help would be a start, I looked for it after reading your post and didn’t find it there.


Yes, we need to add it to the documentation. We don’t plan to document every little screen and feature in TestRail though (just the general concepts), so a Power User Tips topic or something similar would probably be a good place for this.