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Feature Request - drill down from Test Run dashboard graph



It would be so good if it’s possible to click on the pie chart to see all the tests in each section - eg today I want to review all the failed tests in one list, but I have to into each section of the Test Plan to review these. As Test Manager, I’d like to see which are failed and who assigned to, which are not yet run, and who assigned to, etc.



Hello Sarah,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we’ve got this request before and would like to see this as well in a future version. We already have some ideas/plans on how to integrate this into TestRail’s UI but planning is still in its early stages for this feature. So at this point I can’t really promise when/if this feature will be added.



Agreed - this would be a really handy feature!!

Really anything that would let me view test results grouped across milestones and test runs/plans would be helpful. It’s possible to get at the info by exporting to Excel and then filtering/grouping, but having that within the TestRail app would be so much easier.


Hello Jan,

Yes, this is something we would like to look into and I’ve just added another vote to this feature request, thank you.