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Feature Request: Disable "ESC" key in "add result" popup


We have a very annoying issue here.
We use testrail to provide our Navision testers with the functional tests.

They open the “add result” in one screen, and the Navision program in other window. In Navision (meridynamics), the ESC key is used to go one level up, or go out from a table, it’s used VERY OFTEN.

The problem comes when a tester has the “Add result” window opened, in a many steps testcase, and he is testing and adding results all at the same time, when he arrives to let’s say step 5, with a lot of comments written in the other steps, and he accidentally press ESC thinking that the Navision window is the active one… he looses all the reporting work he did in Testrail “add result” form.

This has happened several times, and they begged me to ask you for remove that ESC key function in the “add result” window. After all if you want to cancel the add result, there is a cancel button.

Please could you look into it ASAP?

Thank you very much.