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Feature Request: Delete testsuites via API


It seems to be only possible to delete testcases, and to close testruns, via the API.

Being able to delete testsuites would save us a lot of time from having to do this manually.



Thanks for your posting. We are constantly improving the API add new methods and I’ve just added this as a feature request. Do you regularly delete and create new test suites?



Yes, we do. With our automated system, we generate a list of game levels each time (as they are often added/removed/renamed) and this is the best way of ensuring that it’s always an accurate list of content to test.


Okay, thanks for the confirmation. As mentioned, we are frequently updating the API and we will make sure to consider this for a future version.



As this probably isn’t one that will be addressed anytime soon, would it be possible to give us the ability to delete multiple test suites at the same time? It’s very time consuming to do this individually, especially when you have to click on a suite > edit > delete, then back to the list (e.g. …/testrail/index.php?/suites/overview/10.)


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ve added this as a feature request. I think that a delete_suite API method will be added earlier than the option to delete multiple test suites as this functionality wouldn’t be used that much in the UI I guess (and may be more useful in an automated context).

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions or suggestions.