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Feature Request: Delete Test Result


Adding my vote, would be a very useful feature to have. Thanks.


Thanks for your feedback, Ania!



Perhaps instead of deleting a test result, it would be helpful to have the option to only display the most recent test result when printing out detailed reports. It would save on a lot of clutter without having do remove the audit trail.


Thanks, Michael. Yes, we experimented with this idea some time ago but were a bit concerned that some users would miss the other results (regardless of how prominently we would display this). We will make sure to look into this again for a future version, thanks again for your feedback!



Another vote for this feature! Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your feedback, @dani :slight_smile:



And another vote!




Vote. Too much clutter. When not possible / too complicated to completely remove, at least the ability to hide previous results


Thanks for your feedback, Janne, Jasper!



Hi Tobias,

Adding one vote from me too. I accidentally added a result for feature A to feature B and want to remove it now but can’t. :confused:

Do you have a timeline/release by which this feature may be planned/available? I see that the first request was made almost 4 years ago.



Please add my vote to this feature as well! :+1:



Another vote for the feature from me!

An addition though. I have just started using TestRail and have made several mistakes when updating test results, bulk setting of test results to pass, but accidently including untested tests. As well as cleaning up history it would be great if I could simply set the status of any test back to untested. Yes I could override the status with an actual result when the test case is tested. However my team often switch allocated sections of tests so any mistakes could be overlooked.



Thanks for your feedback, Derek, happy to add another vote!



Agreed. This feature would be excellent.


Thanks for your feedback, Oleg!



+1 vote for this feature from me as well


Thanks for your feedback, David!



Im with pretty much everyone. I’d love to be able to delete test results that are verified simply incorrect. Sometimes results are submitted in error, and it would show incorrect information when later looking through result history.

Should definitely be a feature, and should also definitely be a restricted feature that only leads/admins or whatever can use.


Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated!



+1. Please add this feature. At the very least add an “undo”. It’s basic interaction design that non-reversable actions require confirmation. Any action that does not require confirmation (i.e. “Are you sure?”) must have an undo action. Event gmail “send” has an undo now.