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Feature Request: Delete Test Result


Thanks for your feedback, Bas :slight_smile: I added another vote to the list.



Please would you add my vote to getting the feature for this.

It would be really nice to be able to edit the test result history to keep it clean.



Added to the list, thanks Ryan!



+1 vote for me please.



Thanks, Maxime :slight_smile:



Another +1 for this feature request please. TIA!


Hi, please add one more vote for this request!


Added both, thanks :slight_smile:



So this request has been around since 2012? And it’s now 2016? :astonished: Just saying.
Add my vote and get this puppy moving please… like yesterday! Its very clumsy to deal with these.



Thanks for your feedback, @penny!



Please implement this. It is such a mess to have tests that have accidentally been run and commented and we cannot remove the erroneous result.
Also this has been asked for a very long time 4 years.


Thanks for your feedback, @QATest1! It’s still planned to look into this and I’m happy to add another vote.



Please add another vote for me, too. I use individual step results, and sometimes forget to change the top result to "retest’ or “fail” based on individual test results.

For what it’s worth, I also think there should be an option to automatically set the overall est result to the lowest of the individual step results. I.e. if there are any steps marked fail, the overall is fail.


Thanks for your feedback, Bethany! The second part is already available and TestRail would automatically set the overall status to Failed if you set a step to Failed. This is currently only enabled for the Failed status by design as you might still want to pass a test even if there are some non-passed statuses (we assume this is not the case if there are failed steps). It’s planned to make this configurable/more flexible in the future, happy to add another vote here as well.




+1 for this feature please. We think that this feature should be available for administrators at the very least.




+1 :slight_smile:

Kóti L.


Thanks for your feedback, Bryan, Kóti :slight_smile:



I want to put in a big request to have this feature done.

Reason being, I’m trying to print out quick, detailed reports for test execution results and I don’t care about all the past history, especially if there was some frivolous user error like forgetting a step. Is this a low priority fix? It seems like a simple thing to be able to edit or delete test results…


Also, is there any work around for this? The only way I see to start fresh is to create a whole other test plan, but that isn’t a realistic option.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote. This is more complex than it looks at first because this also affects statistics, test run activity and a lot more but this is not the primary reason why deleting results is not possible. In testing, it’s often important to have a full audit trail and complete test history and deleting results would go against this. But it’s planned to make this more flexible for teams with less strict requirements and make this configurable (e.g. with an additional permissions to delete results).