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Feature Request: Delete Test Result


add another vote for this from me.

first requested 4 years ago, many users voting for it over the years, and still no movement. Seems to be a lack of dev resources, as there seem to be other popular feature requests left sitting for years…

sorry, understand it’s not your fault if you’re under-resourced…


Thanks for your feedback, @geoffg, added another vote :slight_smile:



Add my vote to this too!


Thanks for your feedback, Diana!



Gurock Team, looks like there is TONS of interest on this topic.
Let me start by saying the basics are well supported, and the binding api’s are great and make lots of sense.

From a test tracking perspective, I can understand the need to preserve test results, etc.
However, there are also needs to purge data, when it’s irrelevant. In many cases, especially when using your bindings, engineers are building highly tricked out automation environments, in which many over log, or report irrelevant data.

TestRails nearly supports the use-case of deleting test results… it’s almost there!
We can already remove tests from plans/runs… so what’s the difference?

When a planner deletes a test from a run, that’s when the result data can be purged. When the test case is re-added to that same plan, it potentially can have an “Untested” result, with no history. Perhaps it could have a new TestID. Simple.

Making that use-case work would be pretty straight forward. I’ll even volunteer to help implement it for you guys LoL :slight_smile:

Seriously, many thanks for your help,
-alex h


Add my vote to this change request.

Workaround described in previous comment does not work in every case. I do not want to delete completely test from a run because:

  • I could have several test results for a particular test. So deleting the test means deleting all test results (incl. valid ones)
  • I could have previous attachments or comments to the test. So it also will be deleted in this case.

I can add one more reason, to implement test deleting in case of accidentally set test result:
If we have integration to Jira, then there are displaying all the test results, not only the latest and in that case overall picture of test run is damaged because of obsolete test result.

I agree, that test result deleting should be done with special permissions and maybe only the latest test result only.


Removing last test run result

+1 for this feature as well.

This would be very useful especially in the case where elapsed time was logged on the wrong test case by mistake. In that instance it’s not enough to be able to add another result because the time is already counted against the wrong case and your results are skewed and cannot be repaired.


Hey Chad,

Thank you for your post. I have added your vote for this.


We implemented a connection from our test automation system to TestRail. To test it I submitted test results to actual test cases, not knowing that I wouldn’t be able to delete them later on. Please add my vote for this feature request.

Is there a date by when this feature will be implemented? It’s been over 4 years!


Hi Dominik,

Thank you for your post. I have added your vote to this feature request. In regards to an ETA, I do not have any estimation of if or when this would be implemented. I would recommend keeping an eye on our TestRail blog:


Need this feature too.


Hi Mamuka,

Thanks for your feedback, vote added!



+1 vote.

we need a ETA, this is a go/no go for me…

Can you share a roadmap? there was not update yet in 2017…


Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your feedback! We currently don’t have any timeframe/ETA that we can provide for this feature just yet. Like many software companies (e.g. Atlassian/JIRA and many others), we don’t publish any public roadmaps as priorities and timing can always change and we’d prefer not to overpromise and underdeliver. We work on multiple features in parallel and when a feature is ready we add it to the next version. I’m happy to add your vote to this request though and we appreciate the feedback, as many of TestRail’s new features/changes have been based on customer feedback. Hope this helps!



I would like this feature to. Option to delete test result. thanks!


I have added your vote for this.


I would like this feature to be in test rail. Please add my vote. Thanks.


New to TestRail and working well. Would also like to be able to delete test result as admin. Please add my vote.
Regards, K


I also vote to have this feature in.


Aiming to have this implemented in TestRail 6.0, later this year.