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Feature Request: Delete Test Result


I’d like to be able to delete a Test Result.

Use Case: I’ve marked the wrong test as Passed or Failed by mistake. Oops. This shouldn’t affect statistics for all time.


Hello Dan,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply add another test result to “override” the previous status and this will also change the overall statistics for the test run.

I hope this helps!



I’m thinking that in the future, when we get custom reports and whatnot, and I want to determine risk areas for targeted testing, I’ll be using “has ever failed” or somesuch. In this scenario, I wouldn’t want user error skewing our focus.


Hello Dan,

Thanks for the additional details. Yes, I agree that this can be useful in some situations and this is already on our feature request/todo list and we will look into it. In case we would add this feature, this would probably also involve a new permission (Delete Test). Thanks again for the feedback and just let me know in case you have any further suggestions or questions.



Also interested in this feature.

An admin should be able to delete / update test result


Thanks for the additional feedback. I understand that this would be useful to have and we plan to look into this for one of the next updates (after the upcoming 2.7 release).



Hi guys,

Just adding my vote for this - we have a bunch of Continuous Integration test plans that live forever - the database size has grown to a point where the sheer number of results greatly affects search time.

We’d like to keep a rolling ~30 day result history for Continuous Integration results, so having the ability to delete a given result if it’s past a certain date would be very helpful / help keep the server snappy.




Thanks for your feedback on this, Glenn, I’ve added another vote to this request.



I would also add my vote for this feature, if tester entered incorrect test result, it would be useful to have a special privilege assigned ie to test lead or test manager to be able to delete or change test result


Added to the list, thanks!




This feature it’s already available?

João Fialho


Hello João,

Thanks for your posting. Not yet available but still planned to look into it, I’ve just added another vote. We highly recommend adding new test results in order to override previous results and this is the recommended way to have a complete test history and audit trail.



+1 for this feature

As the OP said, users sometimes enter results under the wrong test case. There is no need to preserve these types of pilot errors. This can be an admin-only feature.



Thanks, Phil! It’s still planned to look into this.



This would be a useful feature, though I agree with @Phil, & others that it should be maybe a restricted right.


Would also really appreciate this feature.

I would also like to edit test results from other people IF I have admin rights. I have auser for my automated tests who sets results. Sometimes I would like to add a comment or something else to the result, but I first have to switch to the test automation user.


Thanks for your feedback, Daniel! I’m happy to add your feedback to the feature requests and I’ve just added additional votes.



Hi - Any news on when this new feature might be delivered? thanks


Hi Su,

Not yet unfortunately, but I added another vote to this feature request, thanks for your feedback!



I would also like to add my vote for this feature. I had created my first mock up test (for testing :slightly_smiling:), which eventually became an actual test. The problem is that there are still 2 results in it from when I was trying out TestRail.