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Feature request: Defects Overview



we have a Bugtrackingsystem connected to Testrail (OnTime 2006) so we use the Defects field in the Add Test Result Tab. Now I think its a good idea to have a Defects Overview that shows all Defect IDs in a list for the Testrun or the Milestone. So we can easely say how many Bugs was found.


Hello Arkyn,

Thanks for your request. Adding a report to view the defects for runs and other entities is definitely planned. It’s likely that we will add this together with other report enhancements on our roadmap.

You would already be able to view this by exporting test runs or milestones to Excel. The Excel files have summarized columns that show the entered defect IDs for each test.




Thanks for your answer, export to Excel and filtering for the defect IDs is ok for the moment. I looking forward to future TestRail releases :).


I am using testrail and not sure if this feature has been introduced yet or still in development. Really waiting for this to be available.


Hello Sabih,

Reposted from the email I’ve sent you as it might be useful for other users as well:

Thanks a lot for your feedback. Yes, adding a defect/bug report to TestRail is still planned and we the current plan is to add this in the coming months. I don’t have a more accurate time frame for this at the moment but this is one of the more often requested features and we are looking into it. You can use the Excel export as a workaround in the meantime, but I understand that it’s more useful to have this directly in TestRail and we are on it.