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Feature Request: Defect Status (Open/Closed)


Testrails 3.0 looks fantastic in terms of reporting, so I don’t want to sound too harsh by putting in a request for a feature. Can’t wait to get my hands on 3.0. But with that said, I’d like to request a feature with regards to Test Results and their coinciding Defect Plugin.

I saw someone ask a question similar to this, but figured I’d specify some circumstances so that preloading every defect wouldn’t be neccessary to save huge amounts of processing time.

On the instance that a defect plugin is enabled and a result is marked as Failed, have the defect plugin go to the defect ID and scrape out the Status (Open/Closed/Whatever) defect information string. Then add that string into a new table category under the results section titled “Defect Status”. Shouldn’t be too bad since you don’t have to preload everything, it’d be better than hovering over just to see if it’s closed or open.

With that said, is this within the realms of something I could customize with a custom defect plugin? I’m not sure if the custom defect plugin features can give the results page any information or if they are :hover only.

And again, fantastic job on Testrails 3.0. It has a lot of the UI scripts I was customizing mine with implemented as official features :cool:



Thanks for your posting and great to hear that you like the new version. :slight_smile:

It is definitely planned to look into displaying the current status for defects (without explicit hover), for example on the test page, in the test tables or reports but we are not there yet. To avoid high load times and querying external systems when the page is accessed we need to maintain a cache of defects and this comes with the usual problems such as populating the cache and cache invalidation. We already have some plans on how to implement this and it is planned to look into this for a future version.

Querying the defect details in a structured way via UI scripts is currently not supported either unfortunately but this is also on our todo list.



In case anyone stumbles across this and has javascript/jquery experience, there’s a temporary “duct tape” fix you can use which varies only depending on your defect software.

For my purposes, I was customizing the printing page to include a table of Open Defects. A simple way to grab those defects is to add an allowance on your Defect Software Server for your test rails server to access it. Setup a jquery .each() call for each defect marked as “Failed” on your results table. Then perform an AJAX GET/POST (Changes depending on your individual defect’s API specifications) and connect to your Defect Software’s SDK/API. Use a callback function on AJAX success to place the resulting response into a variable and parse that variable for the IDStatus (Also varies based on your defect software). Then append that variable into your table.



Yes, this works well and thanks for posting this here! It is planned to add this as a general feature but I’m sure the workaround works well. Thanks for the explanation and I’m sure that’s helpful to other users as well.