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Feature request: Default field values for Section


We are creating test cases from top to bottom:

  • First area/subareas are defined
  • Then we have specific change request for that area. Change request has set of target platforms, user story, acceptance criteria. We create section for that change request
  • After that we define test cases under the section - simply type titles
  • And finally every test case is defined in more detailed steps, expected results, test data, etc.
    With this approach in 99% of time all test cases in the section has the same field values like Platform, Owner, Milestone, References, Status, Priority, Type. So it would be more convenient to define all of these fields values at the section level and automatically have them in all new test cases under Section.


Hello Konstantin,

Thanks for the suggestion. I would recommend copying existing test cases in a section to create a new test case. This would copy all case attributes and you would just need to change the title or other unique fields. You can also use the bulk-edit feature if you need to change an attribute for all test cases in a section.