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Feature Request: Customisable number of levels in the Test Suite


Feature Request: Customisable number of levels in the Test Suite folder structure.

Currently TestRail has a display showing all the different Test Suites available in a given project and then 1 level down is all the individual test cases.

It would suite my needs better if I could set it up so that it had a structure similar to the following: -

Level 0

Test Suite A

Test Suite B

Level 1

Test Suite A ->
Area 1
Area 2
Area 3

Level 2

Area 1 ->
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3

Level 3

Section 1 ->
Sub Section A -> Test Case 1
Test Case 2
Test Case 3

              Sub Section B ->  Test Case 1
                                          Test Case 2
                                          Test Case 3

Note : Sub Sections are like the existing section headings inside each Test Suite.


This would enable me to organise my test suites much better.



I agree that this would be useful. We have thought about this before and it is likely that we will have a way to better organize test suites (we would probably just call it ‘folders’, so users won’t get confused with having two different kind of ‘sections’). Would a folder structure for test suites solve the problem for you?



Yes a folder structure for Test Suites would really solve the problem for me.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider both this and the other feature request that I put forward yesterday.

Adam Dunphy
Development Support & Testing
Widgit Software


Thanks for the feedback. Just let me know if there’s anything we can help with!




is this feature going to be included in any of the close future releases?

I’m trying to maintain a test suite which will grow up to few thousands tests.

As you can imagine it’s not very practical to keep all of them in one level.

Best regards,



Hello Michal,

While we don’t have concrete plans to include test suite folders in one of the next releases, we plan to work on a release which focuses on performance/scalability and usability issues and I think test suite folders would make a good fit for this version. I will discuss this with the team, thanks!

But even without test suite folders, I would recommend thinking about splitting the test suite into multiple smaller test suites. It’s difficult to work through a test suite with so many cases. You can execute the individual test suites in the same context by adding a test plan (Test Runs & Result | Add Test Plan in the sidebar) instead of a single test run.




Just to clarify, I’m sure you know this already, but maybe other readers haven’t seen this yet: you can of course already use sections within a suite to organize your test cases hierarchically. This is often useful to organize larger suites and sub sections usually make it easier to manage many test cases.



Just curious but, was this ever implemented?

My team currently has about 200 test suites… if possible, it would be awesome to be able to organize these into various folders. I’d like to be able to do something like:

-Non-folder Suite 1
-Folder 1 (Smoke suites) ->
Smoke Suite 1
Smoke Suite 2
Smoke Suite 3
Smoke Suite 4
-Folder 2 (Build suites) ->
Build Suite 1
Build Suite 2
Build Suite 3
-Non-folder Suite 2
-Non-folder Suite 3
-Non-folder Suite 4
-Folder 3 (Infrequently ran suites) ->
Infrequently ran Suite 1
Infrequently ran Suite 2

Infrequently ran Suite 42

Any suggestions on working with this?



Thanks for your posting. Suite groups are not available and we usually recommend using sections to group test cases. Are all of your test suites used/active at the same time or do you deprecate/“close” test suites from time to time? It looks like you are adding test suites based on versions or builds, is this correct?



Actually we usually never close them… we usually keep them as an archive. If it was possible to archive test cases (hide them from sight somehow), this would solve some of the problem. We’re thinking about the export/import feature, but it would be hard to check what’s in each of our suites once exported.

But rather than adding suites based on build/version, we’re adding them based on sub-projects. A good analogy would be writing test cases for a computer game that keeps getting expanded. For this case, every time we add a new level or event to a game, we would write a new, in-depth test suite based around it. As we’re rarely removing levels, but occasionally using these cases for regression, our suite list will only grow.

Right now, even our main regression suite is too big (getting close to 100 sections). Ideally, I’d like to break it up into subsuites in one master regression suite group.


Thanks for the additional details, that’s appreciated. We usually recommend using sections to organize/group test cases and just a few test suites per project. But we understand that other approaches might work better depending on your use case and we will make sure to revisit this again. Thanks again for your feedback on this and please let me know in case you have any questions.