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Feature Request: Create deepest directory if not exists FileProtocol.filename


When we define a filename for the file protocol which contains a path (relative or absolute) and the Directory not exist, SmartInspect will throw an exception.

An example:
Applikation folder Points to ‘c:\programs\MyApplication’

–> file property of FielProtocol will be ‘logs\log.sil’ or ‘c:\programs\MyApplication\logs\log.sil’

As an user of SmartInspect I want to clear my logging while deleting the Folder which is a fast Option to delete all log files and during install the application the Folder must not be created.


Hi there!

SmartInspect wouldn’t currently create the logging folder if it doesn’t exist yet, but we are happy to look into supporting this as an option. A simple option you could use is to simply create the folder every time your application starts or when you delete the folder, just to make sure it exists.