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[Feature Request] Copying steps from test cases

Hi Rick,

Thanks for the feedback. Your vote has been added to this feature request as well.


Add my vote too please. As already stated in a few previous posts, this seems to be pretty fundamental functionality. I can’t believe it’s been going on for so long! May I suggest that this is either picked up and dealt with, or dropped and a final post made here stating that the feature will not be implemented. Five years in this industry is a lifetime!!

Jumping on the bandwagon to add another vote as this feature would be far better than having to copy and paste all the individual step details which are relevant.

I would be interested to get a more detailed response than just “happy to add another vote” though!

Is this on a roadmap somewhere with a potential implementation date?

As others have said if this is approaching 5 years old which suggests if it was going to happen it would have done.

Please add another vote!

How many votes will you probably need to take the feature on board?

+1 Vote for this feature