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[Feature Request] Copying steps from test cases


Please add one more vote.


Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your feedback, vote added!



Add my vote for this feature to the list as well! Thanks!


Hey there,

Would you kindly add my vote to the list?



Please add me to the list of people who would use this feature a lot!


Please add my vote too if it helps. Its been almost 2 and half years since this feature was requested, any plans to add this feature at all or this feature has been added and I am not looking at the right place?


Just started to use test rail, and this is first functionality I was trying to find inside. Sounds like must have, otherwise I need to duplicate tests, and remove obsolete one. Since I do not have permission to delete = mess :smiley:


+1. Please add a vote for me. This is a feature that I would like to use very frequently.


+1 vote for me too! I use this often in QC


+1 vote for me. Not needed often, but would be so helpful when it is.

A thought: could you kill two birds with one stone by implementing the following feature request (which is actually a higher priority for me):
Way to Copy Structured Steps Between Testcases or way to Save Common Steps


Hello All,

Thank you for posting. I have added these new votes to our feature request for this.


And another vote here…


This gets my vote as well.


Another vote here, this would be super helpful


Thank you all for the feedback. I’ve added on the additional votes for this feature.


It looks like the feature was requested two years ago. How long does it take for TestRail team to prioritize and implement it?