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Feature request: copy and paste attachments a la JIRA


I’m using TestRail v5.3.0.3603

I’m building test cases for a large TestRail project, and I use the wonderful Greenshot to grab a screenshot into an editor or straight into the paste buffer. A minor annoyance is that each time I want to grab a screenshot and attach it to a TestRail test case I have to save the file, then drag that file from Explorer to the test case.

  1. Would be great to be able to press Ctrl+V to drop in a screenshot or a file as in JIRA, with the option to name it. This would save me hundreds of steps this week

  2. Would also be terrific if the presence of attachments in a test case could be marked by a paperclip or similar, as in Outlook


Hi Nick,

Thanks for your posting! Copy and paste via ctrl+v is already possible with TestRail with some browsers. For example, this is supported with Google Chrome and this would save the intermediate step of saving the screenshot to disk. Thanks for the suggestion with the paperclip, definitely makes sense!