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Feature Request - Comment at the test run level


Just starting to get into the tool and it’s working very well with my workflow so far.

One thing I find myself wanting so far however is the ability to add a comment on a test suite/test run level.

For example, when testing against a configuration for ‘google chrome’, it would be great to be able to have a comment on the test run level to say “tested on Chrome 49.0.2623.87 (64-bit)”.

It is onerous to have to A) input the exact chrome versions into configurations or B) setup the customer field and have to select the version for every test case executed.

I think this is valid for any configuration where version updates are regular and minor like many are these days.

Again, i’m really enjoying moving our test cases into the Testrail system


Hello Andreas,

Thanks for your feedback, great to hear that you enjoy working with TestRail :slight_smile:

You can simply use the Description field on the test run level to attach additional details to a test run and this is then shown between the stats and the test tables. This is supported for both simple test runs as well as configurations/runs inside test plans. Would this work for you?



Hi Tobias,

What about adding attachments like.pdf, .docx or .xlsm files at test run level? I saw that you can add images or tables in the description field, but nothing more.

Thanks, Wojtek


Hello Wojtek,

You can also already include links and you could look into linking to externally stored files. Extending attachment support to other entities (in addition to cases & results) is something we would like to see as well in the future and I’m happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback!