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Feature request: Combinatorial testing with configurations


First of all, want to say I love Testrail. Didn’t want that to get lost in the feature request!

I’m testing development tools for mobile applications, so we have a poly-dimensional test matrix.

It would be a huge help to me if there was an option for configurations to be combined pairwise to efficiently test the matrix.

I saw in another post ( ) that there are plans to allow for selecting specific combinations, which would at least allow me to choose pairwise combinations.

Just curious, any update on that?


Hello PJ,

Thanks for your posting and for the feedback. Great to hear that you enjoy using TestRail! Yes, we have looked into making the configurations selectable, but this will unfortunately not be part of the next update. It’s definitely still on our list of things to look into and it’s likely that we will support this eventually in an update. In the meantime I would recommend creating those “combinations” as separate configurations if the combinations are always the same (e.g. you could simply create a separate configuration group like “Dev Environments” and then create configurations such as “Visual Studio & iPhone”, “Visual Studio & Android” and “MonoDevelop & iPhone” etc.).

I hope this helps.