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Feature Request: Colorize Test Step number box with result status


TestRail Test (not a Case)

We use the TestRail API to link our automated tests to TestRail Cases and Case Steps. Within a single Case we may have some steps automated, but not all. The rest must be tested manually. When we exercise our automated tests against a TestRail Run, we send test results to the Steps. However, the only way to see the status of the Test Steps is to look down through the results history at the bottom of the TestRail Test. It would be INCREDIBLY useful to our manual testers if these Test Step boxes were colored according to the newest test result in the result history. They would no longer need to scroll down through the results and struggle to determine which steps are not already tested.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Casey Motherway
Elemental Technologies Inc.


Hello Casey,

Thanks for your posting. The steps are currently always displayed in their original order (as added). You could look into using a different test case layout (e.g. separate fields for test automation or manual) but it wouldn’t be supported to add two different step fields currently. We will make sure to look into ways to make the steps control easier to use for scenarios like yours. Thanks again for your feedback and please let me know in case you have questions or comments.



Hi caseym,
Passing by, I took the liberty of creating a UI script for your scenario, if I understood it correctly:
Please review if it works for you.


Yes! This is precisely the functionality I was asking for. Now I just need to figure out where to put your code.

Thank you so much Actine!


Just read the UI Customization documentation. Thanks again Actine!


Glad it worked :slight_smile:
UI scripts is a very powerful thing. If REST API is also enabled, then it’s possible to code up nearly any additional functionality


Thanks again for your help with this, Actine!