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Feature Request: Color Blind Accessibility Improvements for Status


I asked my colleagues if there were any feature requests they’d like me to post on the forums and one of them had a really good one.

My colleague is Red-Green color blind (which is the most common form of color blindness). He noted that certain shades of reds and greens are hard to distinguish for one another, typically really dark and some lighter shades.

While the ‘Fail’ box is a bit shorter than the rest helps, with a quick scan it doesn’t really jump out. He mentioned that a more blueish-green like that on a stop light would make the passed color pop more.



Coloring is always a bit difficult as this also heavily depends on the used hardware in our experience (monitor, graphic card). That said, the colors can already be customized via UI scripts in case you haven’t seen this:

(you would just need to override the relevant CSS classes)

The name in the status boxes should be an additional help but I agree that colors are better suited for a quick scan. We also have a red-color blind person in our team and the colors were “approved” by him but there are probably different forms of red-color blindness. We will look into it again for a future version and look into making it easier to customize the colors.



Hi Tobias,

I didn’t think to look at UI scripts, I think that should be a good solution. I’ll experiment with that and it should do the trick :slight_smile:


Feature Request: Updates to 'Color Blind Accessibility Improvements For Status'

Hello Andy,

Sounds goods, just let me know in case any questions come up while doing so.