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Feature Request: Clone TestPlan Suites


I have a TestPlan called ‘Login Feature TestPlan’. I also have a testsuite called Login TestSuite which has all my login tests.

When I create the TestPlan, I add a TestSuite to the plan and rename the suite to ‘FireFox - Tests’. I then add the same testsuite again and this time rename it to ‘IE 8 - Tests’. This way I do this for multiple browsers.

The issue with this is that each time I have to figure out the set of tests by applying filters or manually selecting the tests. This becomes tedious and somewhat error prone.

Once I have figured out the set of test for one suite in the testplan, I would like to be able to clone the same selection and create another suite.

The configuration option doesn’t quite work for us due to API limitation and some other issues already discussed with the TestRail team.



Hello Ali,

Thanks for your posting. It is planned to make configurations more flexible so you don’t have to pick every possible configuration combination, for example. Could you let me know again which additional issues do you have with configurations? The API limitations are clear and this will be resolved soon.



Hi Tobias,
Clone is a nice feature to have even if configurations feature gap is fixed.

The current feature gap in configuration is as follows.

If I have a TestSuite (Browser Tests) with the following configurations IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, TestTrail creates a run for each one of the configurations with the same selection of test cases for each of the run.

This is OK but many times, you don’t want to run the same tests and it is important to be able to select/deselect tests within these configurations. There are some IE7 tests that are not needed for IE10. With the current design, there is no way to de-select the tests case. That is why our workaround has been to avoid using configurations and to add a separate suite for each configuration.


Hello Ali,

Okay, thanks for the explanation. Improvements for the configurations and test case selections are planned but it’s not yet clear if they will be added to the next version so I don’t have a time frame for this currently.



Configurations would be ideal but I do understand that changing that feature, plus adding API support plus changing out integration code is quiet a large task.

If its not too much work, any chance that ‘clone’ testsuites in testplan can be added in the next release? I get a lot of grumbling from my team that its a lot of work to create a suite for firefox, ie7, ie8, etc




Hello Ali,

We will look into it but I can’t promise at this point that this will really be added to TestRail 3.0. I hope that’s okay.